Flex-Pivots Team

Flexural Pivots: How Are They Used in Imaging Applications?

Riverhawk Company has an extensive history in manufacturing flexures for use in a variety of applications. Our product has been an important part of the Semiconductor manufacturing equipment market for decades. However, one of the best features of our product is its ability to be implemented in a vast catalog of products across all industries. This […]

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Flexibility for Metrology

Measurement equipment is commonly used across all industries. Some such equipment, such as dial indicators and profilometers are readily available. As products and processes evolve, customized in-line metrology becomes paramount to maintaining quality and consistency. Many different types of instruments function using a simple lever over a central (pivot) point. Ball bearings are a typical

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Free-Flex® Pivots: Pivotal for Semiconductors

Free-Flex® Pivots have been used for many years within the semiconductor industry to facilitate production of wafers and integrated circuits created by lithography. As technology advances and new manufacturing methods become available, equipment must also be adapted for increased speed and accuracy. There are many steps throughout wafer production from creation, processing, masking and inspection.

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