Riverhawk’s Flex Pivot Product Applications

Riverhawk’s Flex Pivot product line is skillfully engineered with the end user in mind. Choosing Riverhawk’s Flex Pivots means choosing products and top-notch service backed by an industry-leading parent company with a long history of in-field product success. We offer a variety of pivot bearing options, all of which are designed and built to customer requirements serving various industries.

Riverhawk offers a variety of products, services and custom engineering for a wide range of customers in industries like:

  • Aerospace
  • Commercial
  • Instrumentation
  • Medical
  • Metrology
  • Military/Government
  • Semi-Conductor

Gimbal Ring Mount

Gimbal-Ring-MountShown is a typical mounting arrangement for a rocket engine. Pivots used in gimbal ring mounts can operate at higher temperatures than other bearings and provide at a relatively constant opposing spring force. As a result, the actuator can be sized to accommodate only the force required to position the rocket motor.

Throttle Linkage

Throttle-LinkageShown is a typical mounting arrangement for an engine control linkage. Pivots used in throttle linkages can be tailored to meet performance requirements for the particular application. Examples include custom torsional spring rates, limited angular travel, and special mounting arrangements.

Pressure Transducer

Pressure-TransducerShown is a typical mounting arrangement for a pressure transducer. Pivots are used in pressure transducers to save assembly and calibration time as well as provide for frictionless and stiction-free output motion.

Automatic Bag Filler

Automatic-Bag-FillerShown is a typical mounting arrangement for an automatic bag filler. With a very low restoring force for small angles of motion the flex pivot helps control the quantity of dry material to be packaged into each bags.

Vibration Accelerometer

Vibration-AccelerometerShown is a typical mounting arrangement for a vibration accelerometer. The pivot is ideal for this type of application because an accelerometer has to endure countless numbers of cycles in its lifetime and the pivot provides infinite life without requiring maintenance.

Instrument Indicating Head

Instrument-Indicating-HeadShown is a typical mounting arrangement for an instrument indicating head. The two features of a pivot that make it ideal for indicating heads are its stiffness in all directions except in rotation and its self-centering spring return.

Seismic Vibration Amplitude Sensor

Seismic-Vibration-AmplitudeShown is a typical mounting arrangement for a seismic vibration amplitude sensor. In this application, pivots are used as a damping system. A transducer converts the motion of the sensor base to a proportional signal.

Perpendicular Mirror

Perpendicular-MirrorShown is a typical mounting arrangement for a perpendicular mirror. Four or eight pivots used in a parallelogram arrangement will maintain a mirror or other optics perpendicular to any surface for applications that require lateral motion.

Universal Joint on Centerline

Universal-JointShown is a typical mounting arrangement for a universal joint on centerline. Four pivots used in a universal joint offer the advantage of being on centerline and therefore provide one-plane articulation.

To learn more about the Riverhawk’s Flex Pivot products and services, please contact us. We are happy to assist you with your project needs.

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