Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to the Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. This commitment is not only to our customers, suppliers and workforce, but to the community in which we work as well as the future of our environment in which we live.

Corporate Social Responsibility in our Community

In our community we participate in several charitable events including:

  • The American Heart Association’s Greatest Heart Run and Walk
  • The Ride for Missing Children in Central New York
  • Making Strides Against Breast Cancer in Utica, New York
  • Support of the Community Food Bank

We also encourage our employees to be involved in the community.  Some of the areas that our employees are involved include:

  • Involvement in service organizations such as The Rotary
  • We have a couple of Boy Scout Leaders, one of which works with inner-city youth that you typically would not find in scouting
  • We have people that regularly visit local nursing facilities and spend time with the elderly that have no visitors

In addition to these activities, Riverhawk holds a monthly fund raising event and donates the proceeds to an individual, family or organization in need.

Corporate Social Responsibility in our Environment

At the environmental level, we have focused on being a good environmental partner in several ways:

  • Over the past five years while our production levels have increased, we have reduced our regulated waste generation by over 50% and are working to reduce that again by 50%. Riverhawk is has always been classified as a Small Quantity Waste Generator in New York State which means that we generate less than one ton of regulated waste per year.
  • We produce a number of products that either help improve the environment or are environmentally friendly:
    • Our Torque Meters are used in many power generation facilities. The torque meters allow power generators to optimize their power generation equipment by maximizing their power output against the power input (fuel source).
    • Our hydraulic equipment now features environmentally friendly hydraulic fluids that are biodegradable when their useful working life is over.
    • Our vibration probes help large equipment users monitor their equipment for optimal operation and maintenance cycles keeping efficiencies high.

Corporate Social Responsibility & our Employees

Internally, we have a number of programs that demonstrate that same level of commitment to our employees:

  • Our Safety Program – our employees are our top priority and their personal safety here at work as well as at home goes hand in hand with that commitment. We are pushing to get our Safety Program certified by New York State.  We not only have a safety topic that we speak to each month, but if it can be applied outside of work, we bring that into the equation as well.  Safety does not end when we leave work each day.
  • Wellness Program – over a year ago we started a Wellness Program. The program to date has included:
    • Gym membership reimbursements
    • Internal Wellness Challenges
    • Health Awareness Meetings
    • Putting on a Company breakfast or lunch that focuses on healthy eating


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