World Class Solutions for Global Applications

A company slogan is supposed to summarize your whole way of doing business. When we recently polled our employees on a new slogan, we thought it would be a steep task. After all, we’re involved in scores of industries, and our engineering staff has a few lifetimes’ worth of experience in diverse fields.

But after a bit of asking around, it ended up being pretty simple after all. A Riverhawk Sales Engineer named Tim Cain coined a simple slogan that truly frames the Riverhawk business:

World Class Solutions for Global Applications.

That slogan was nineteen years in the making. Today, Riverhawk is the world leader in engineered solutions whether you need a tensioned hardware solution, machine vibration monitoring or frictionless bearings we can help.  Whether you operate in the Petrochemical, Power Generation, Oil and Gas, Nuclear or Aerospace markets, Riverhawk is there and we can help.

One of the runner-up slogan suggestions from machinist Bill Schmutz characterizes our company personality:

Because you shouldn’t have to just wing it.

Riverhawk has assembled a team of highly skilled engineers and manufacturing personnel that are ready to help design, manufacture, and deliver solutions for your toughest applications. We can help you because you shouldn’t have to just wing it. Let us know how we can help you at or call 315-768-4855.

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