Flexures used in Sentinal-3 Flip Mirror Camera System

Flexures used in Sentinal-3 Flip Mirror Camera System

Riverhawk Company was approached by SENER, a private engineering and technology group that specializes in solutions for energy, environment and aeronautics. They wanted our help to develop a custom flexure for a satellite based application. The Riverhawk Flex Pivot needed to withstand the harsh environments of space, while performing flawlessly at extreme angular deflection. The requirements also dictated this to be an “infinite life” application as SENER needed the satellite to work for 15+ years without maintenance. The first batch of Flex Pivots were designed, built and thoroughly tested at Riverhawk, before being shipped to Spain for SENER to perform their own extended testing. Riverhawk also continued to do some extended life testing, beyond the standard scope. The Flex Pivots were cycled at high angles for more than 50,000,000 cycles, and the results were excellent. Thanks to the quality control, and attention to detail at Riverhawk, the Flex Pivots were able to survive well beyond the intended scope.

Since the original parts were made, some small alterations were made to simplify the installation process into the sub-systems. Parts continued to test well, and eventually in 2016, the true test was performed. The Sentinal-3 was launched, with Riverhawk Flex Pivots aboard. After a few weeks word was passed on to Riverhawk that the system was functioning as designed, and the Flex Pivots were doing their job.  Due to the success of the Flex Pivots in the Sentinal-3, SENER and Riverhawk will continue to develop custom Flex Pivots for future space endeavors.

Riverhawk offers a standard line of flexures but we really excel in customizing parts to fit any application. Please contact Riverhawk about our Flex Pivots and how we can help you in your next project.



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